Out Of The Box

Our All in One solution include printer, ink, and software working seamlessly together for best results.

Ink Chemistry

Complete control over ink chemistry and production process for optimised performance and quality.


We use our experience and industry know-how for clever solution design and custom applications.



Our software features deliver optimised ink delivery and consumption, optical banding reduction and high speed data transfer.

Quality and Speed

Higher speeds and quality with Signracer’s OBR (Optical Banding Reduction) software.

Built To Last

Industrial build machinery. Designed to perform and last. Providing the level of quality, reliability and stability of industrial grade products, which are needed in a production environment.

Built to Perform

With moisturizing capping and automated cleaning these printers are continues production performance with minimum downtime.

Meeting Industry Standards

Our inks are developed to meet the industry standards. Optimal colour output, high yield, extreme transfer effecient and superb drying characteristics.

Our Print Technology

Our printer platforms have a proven and reliable print engine at the core of their existence. Equipped with top-level Kyocera print heads. Robust steel frames with top-level media feeding systems to ensure industrial and stable print production processes.


Our Ink Chemistry

Our ink is manufactured using OEM quality digital printing ink with batch-to-batch consistency, long-run print reliability, and exceptional image quality. Inks are produced through proprietary, state of the art manufacturing processes and offered in a wide variety of packaging solutions including pouches/bags and bottles. A unique 4-stage quality control system ensures the highest quality of products from raw material to finished ink. Pigment dispersions are created at the very beginning of the manufacturing process, ensuring particle size consistency, and milling at the nano level. Proprietary equipment and procedures allow complete control over the entire manufacturing process, ensuring only the highest quality ink before final packaging.

TEX Inks

  • Optimized for both direct and transfer paper printing
  • Developed for the Kyocera® KJ4B print heads
  • Excellent transfer efficiency
  • Faster print speeds for increased productivity
  • Excellent print reliability and superior colour gamut
  • Fast drying for high speed printing
  • Available in four colors CMYK