Two hot air drying units

For stable paper printing

Head carriage

Equipped with 4 Kyocera print heads

Capping station

Automated cleaning with 4 wiper blades


Industrial grade pumps form smooth and stable ink flow

Frontside control panel

Optimal tension and temperature control
Servo motor Equipped with full servo motor for feeding and take-up
Take-up and feeding Accepts roll-up to 500mm (<80gr. 1000m paper)
Pneumatic Bar Pneumatic tension bar controlled by air pressure
Bottom heaters Allows printing of high-density images on low grammage papers
Main Ink Tank Ink tank can hold up to 10 L of ink with level sensor
Jumbo Roll – Optional Jumbo Roll Take-Up

Magnetic Linear Motor

And Steel Beam

  • Rail beam made of reinforced steal for durability and precision straightness

  • Improves the stability of print the head carriage’s back and forth movement

  • Carriage speed of 1.2 m/s

Printing Speeds

On Transfer Paper

Draft - 320 m2/h


Production - 240 m2/h


Quality - 165 m2/h


Precise Media Handling
Tension adjustable feeding and winding

  • Tension adjustable feeding system
  • Optimal for transfer paper printing
  • Vacuum print bed which can be adjusted by software to optimize media flatness and improve drop placement accuracy

Hot Air Drying Unit

  • Multiple hot air drying units
  • Smooth and even drying of sublimation ink in high speed
  • Suitable for high ink density on low paper grammage

Print Ready
Capping And Cleaning Station

  • Four wiper blades for automated cleaning
  • Automated cleaning reduces downtime
  • Special cleaning fluid for high performance and high stability

Print Head Protection
Jam Sensor

  • Jam Sensor on both sides of the carriage
  • Detects wrinkled media and prevents head strikes and media jams
  • Ensures increased print head lifetime

Printing Quality
Variable Drop Size

  • High quality printing due to variable sized droplets
  • Using drop sizes; 5,7 and 12 picolitre in all print modes

Optical Banding Reduction

  • OBR (Optical Banding Reduction) prints passes in gradation-like tone by dispersing ink drops between the passes, which reduces banding, uneven drying of the ink and bidirectional stripe
  • OBR can be set in the software in range
Peristaltic-pump ink supply

Industrial grade peristatic pumps for smooth and stable ink flow.

Negative Pressure

Automated negative pressure monitoring & adjusting feeding.

Efficient Degassing Unit

Removes all remaining air from the ink.


Ensures a stable nozzle firing at high speed printing.

TEX Inks

  • Optimized for both direct and transfer paper printing
  • Developed for the Kyocera® KJ4B print heads
  • Excellent transfer efficiency
  • Faster print speeds for increased productivity
  • Excellent print reliability and superior colour gamut
  • Fast drying for high speed printing
  • Available in four colors CMYK


Print Heads

Kyocera KJ4B
4 Print Heads
Total 2,656 nozzles
Drop Size 5/7/12 pl


Maximum Printing Width 1900 mm
Carriage Speed 1.2 m/s
RTR (Roll-To-Roll)
Tension-adjustable continuous winding/unwinding control technology


Draft Mode 320 m2/h
Production Mode 240 m2/h
Quality Mode 165 m2/h


Length x Width x Height
4200 x 1550 x 1900 mm
Weight 1700 kg


Printer and Heater Power 5 kW + 18 kW
Power Supply AC 380V/ 220V
Compressed Air 0.6MPA / 0.15m3/hr


Transfer paper & Polyester textiles
Max. Media Width 1950 mm
Media Thickness Maximum 2 mm
Max. roll weight 200 kg


Signracer TEX
Available Colours CMYK
Ink Package 5 L bottle
Main Ink Tank Capacity 10 L with level sensor